Day guests

per hour or part there of: €   2.20
maximum per day: € 16.00
(daily rate)
Evening rate: €   4.00 maximal
(19:00 - 24:00)
Lost ticket

€ 16.00

(daily rate)

Paying is easy: At the car park security office or at the automatic pay stations (coins, notes and girocard)

Value for money solutions

Would you like to rent a parking space on a permanent basis? No problem! We have the right parking model for every parking guest.

Monday - Friday:
€ 110.00 plus VAT = € 130.90/month

Enter and exit during opening times, free choice of parking space on six levels.


Unlimited parking - 365 days a year:
€ 150.00 plus VAT = € 178.50/month

A parking space reserved exclusively for you in a separate area of the multi-storey car park that has been specially secured for permanent renters.

You can take a look at a rental agreement here. If you would like to conclude a rental agreement with us, simply call us or send us an e-mail. You can rely on us for a prompt response.